Production in progress

The miracle potions:


Two outstanding researchers, Arnika and Mercurius, are working hard to find solutions to all the problems they face. They have just been given an urgent mandate because our lakes and rivers are suddenly polluted! It seems that it is oil...Quickly we must save the fish and the birds, with the help of the children, and stop the escapades of Jo the Fracker who has launched himself, without any authorization, into drilling for oil, all around Lake Geneva. This is an unprecedented ecological disaster !

Our project is a creation combining theater, magic, and puppetry.
It is aimed at an audience of children from 4 to 12 years old, adapted to performances in schools.

This show addresses the main themes related to ecology, and highlights the small daily gestures that everyone should do to save our resources and limit pollution. In addition, it raises the important question of the balance between risk and gain, the limits that should not be exceeded, and the economic stakes.

The choice of a theatrical show, in which a great deal of interactivity offers children the opportunity to express themselves, allows the messages to be disseminated by raising their awareness with humour.

The magic appears metaphorically, as if we lived in the hope that a wave of the magic wand would solve all disasters. However, as the show progresses, the children become more aware that everyone's contribution is important, even if individually it seems insignificant.


Dream Day has created a Christmas version of the miracle potions :

Santa's potions :

As Christmas approaches, Santa realizes that the shelf on which his potions were stored has fallen down: "Woe betide, he urgently needs his potion for making presents, his potion for flying his sleigh, and of course his invincibility potion! He entrusts this heavy mission to his two elf-chemists! Robert, always on the lookout for new ideas to become famous, tries to get his hands on them !

Very funny Christmas tale, with theatre, grand illusion, human-sized puppet and magic.