Who are we?

Christine Bajulaz has been writing stories since the early 90s on subjects that are close to her heart and make little questions pop into children's heads. "In search of the magic source" asks the question of universal knowledge. "Perilous Journey into the Cyberspace" was published in 1995 and already evokes the risks of over-consumption of the Internet.  "The pursuit of the Indian" with a western backdrop is highly topical and "Miraculous potions" points the finger at fracking and the search for a balance between the need for raw materials and the risks involved. 


The puppet shows do not leave one indifferent either: bullying in the classroom in "Fallait le savoir", children's rights in "La grotte du dragon" or "Le cochon d'Amandine" and solidarity in "Sauver la girafe" are stories that make sense to him, and while some are targeted at the very young, most deal with subjects that older children follow with interest.

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Christine Bajulaz
Artistic director, actress, puppeteer, director
Laurent Frizon
Actor and magician
Marylou Uger
Puppeteer and actress
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Maria Blondeau
Storyteller and puppeteer