The 101 Dream Day Puppets

Original and funny tales on current themes that make children think...

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Amandine's pig :


A story that takes place 200 years ago between Geneva, the botanical garden and Chambésy. It deals both with the non-schooling of some children who were still working, but will become so a few decades later, the importance of water (not yet running in several places), and as a consequence of the risk of fire.

Empathy, solidarity, injustice and friendship.

The treasure
spectacle de marionnettes le trésor du dragon

The dragon's treasure :

Two children are searching for a treasure, but it is in the cave of a dragon known to be dangerous. What they discover is unexpected...

This tale was followed by a sharing with the children on the subject:

Can we make peace with everyone (Festi'Saclentz and Vogue de Veyrier)

Peace, happiness, fears, power, sharing

The Magic Unicorn
spectacle de marionnettes la licorne magique

The magic unicorn :

Amandine has a unicorn for a friend. Two sorcerers discover that the Unicorn's horn is magic and want to take it. With the help of the children and her friends, will Amandine manage to save her friend?

Derivatives of power and friendship, a story declined in several versions.

A success for 20 years!

Power, solidarity, desire.

You should have known

You should have known :

A teacher offers his students the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of one of their visually impaired classmates for a day.

A story created for the UN.

Harassment, Difference and Friendship

Santa's reindeer

Santa's reindeer :

Bing and Bang, Santa's reindeer, have to get back in shape for the big day, and reconcile discordant neighbours.

Friendship, solidarity, shame, empathy.

Save the giraffe

Save the giraffe :

A tale for little ones: the journey through the jungle of a lion cub promised to the throne, who is looking for how to care for his friend the giraffe with the help of all the animals.

Courage, solidarity and love.

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Ananastasia's jewelry heist :

A terrible news is reported by the famous journalist Poireau d'Arvor: Ananastasia has had all her jewels stolen. We immediately suspect Hubert Jeans, who has faded away since he found himself on the street. The characters are fruit and vegetables, a show created for hotel brunches.

Optimism, resilience, solidarity sharing. 


Dinosaur Valley :

Diplo, a small dinosaur, befriends Triton, a Triceratops. His mother is furious, she doesn't want her son to play with Triton because they are not from the same tribe. She doesn't know yet that this friendship might save his life.

Solidarity, friendship, exodus.


Suspense at the bottom of the sea :

The oceans are dramatically polluted; children have no time to lose to help a benevolent mermaid and save not only fish and the entire ecosystem, but also to counter evil acts.

Power drift, pollution, ecology, solidarity.

Past performances :

The cat that read minds :

The king had a cat that could read minds but was beginning to know too much...

An ironic tale of power, espionage and jealousy.

Memory lapse :

After a sleigh loop, Santa lost his memory. Catastrophe for the preparation of gifts! Everyone will help him rebuild his memories and save the situation.

Shame, lies, gratitude, solidarity.

The ogre's feast :

An ogre disguises himself as Santa Claus to trick the children and catch them for his big Christmas dinner. Will the children's solidarity save everyone?

Egoism, fears, solidarity, dreams

Jamila's wedding :

Jamila argues with her father, wishing to follow his heart against his will.

Power, rights, freedom, love.

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