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Scared monster :


Stage show for all ages from 5 years old, mixing theatre, puppets and live sound. It is a fantastic tale in which three sisters go down into the roots of a tree to save it. They find themselves confronted with their fears, symbolized by monsters that they will try to tame. Monstre Peur is a topical play because it deals with the urgency of acting in solidarity with nature that is deteriorating, without letting ourselves be overwhelmed by irrational fears.

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Maison de Quartier des Pâquis

Salle du Môle

21 rue du Môle


All dates are cancelled

Mercredi 20 mai 14h30

Jeudi 21 mai 14h30

Vendredi 22 mai 19h00

Samedi 23 mai 15h00

Dimanche 24 mai 11h00 + 15h00

Mercredi 27 mai 14h30

Espace Grosselin

Rue Jacques Grosselin 31

1227 Carouge

Mercredi 13 mai 14h30

Jeudi 14 mai 16h30

Vendredi 15 mai 16h30

Samedi 16 mai 11h00 + 15h00

Dimanche 17 mai 11h00 + 15h00